This page contains a curated list of examples, tutorials, blogs about XGBoost usecases.
It is inspired by awesome-MXNet,
awesome-php and awesome-machine-learning.

Please send a pull request if you find things that belongs to here.


Code Examples

Features Walkthrough

This is a list of short codes introducing different functionalities of xgboost packages.

Basic Examples by Tasks

Most of examples in this section are based on CLI or python version.
However, the parameter settings can be applied to all versions


Machine Learning Challenge Winning Solutions

XGBoost is extensively used by machine learning practitioners to create state of art data science solutions,
this is a list of machine learning winning solutions with XGBoost.
Please send pull requests if you find ones that are missing here.



Tools using XGBoost

  • BayesBoost - Bayesian Optimization using xgboost and sklearn API
  • gp_xgboost_gridsearch - In-database parallel grid-search for XGBoost on Greenplum using PL/Python
  • tpot - A Python tool that automatically creates and optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.


  • John Chambers Award - 2016 Winner: XGBoost R Package, by Tong He (Simon Fraser University) and Tianqi Chen (University of Washington)

Windows Binaries

Unofficial windows binaries and instructions on how to use them are hosted on Guido Tapia’s blog

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